ITRT Information

 Helping to make the integration of technology into the curriculum a

 FLUID process

Focus on the use of technology as one of many  tools that students can use.
the basics of technology.
Use technology to enhance and support instruction.
Integrate  technology into classroom activities.
Discover new uses for technology.

Duties and responsibilities of an ITRT include but are not limited to:

       • Working collaboratively with individual or groups of teachers to integrate technology into

      • Assisting with curriculum and content development• Disseminating information regarding

        technology resources, emerging technologies, best practices using technology, and professional

        development opportunities

      • Facilitating or conducting technology-related professional development for school staff

      • Assessing levels of teacher and student technology use and skills

      • Working with appropriate division or school-based curriculum and technology staff to help

        school staff in integrating technology into the curriculum

      • Modeling effective instructional strategies using technology

      • Serving as a member of the school technology committee

      • Supporting implantation of the division and state technology plan

      • Researching use of newer technologies in instruction

      • Using data to design technology-based instructional strategies

      • Recommending hardware, software, and related resources and other educational areas

      • Creating learning resources for teachers, staff and students

      • Serving as a strong advocate for technology integration

      • Participating in software selection and use


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